‘Case is closed, it’s Teesside’

It has to be ‘Teesside’
September 7, 2015
Overwhelming online support for Teesside rebranding
September 9, 2015
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‘Case is closed, it’s Teesside’

‘FEEDBACK’ Gazette – 8 September 2015

Letter by George R Dunning (Ormesby).


FURTHER to “81.2% say Teesside is the name that fits” (29.08.15); it has to be Teesside for all five councils. Simple as that.

The airport should revert back to the Teesside Airport name. Even the sign on the A1 on to the A689 still says Teesside Airport.

Plus, the local media are much more at ease with the Teesside reference than others. One of our main manufacturing industries is referred to as Teesside Steel. I res my case for teesside.




TEESSIDETOGETHER addendum – We couldn’t agree more George – by the way, the picture of another ‘Teesside’ road sign is just for you!




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