Let’s get together on signs

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September 9, 2015
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October 19, 2015
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Let’s get together on signs


End the Identity Botch-Up – Make Teesside the Sign for the Future.

TeessideTogether – October 11, 2015



TeessideTogether—the organisation campaigning for Teesside to be accepted as the clear identity for the area—says what it describes as the current ‘branding botch-up’ shows the need for urgent action.

Highlighting the wide variation in road signs across the various boroughs, Teesside Together argues that the mixture of confused identities, clashing symbols and different typography, demonstrates that there is still no enthusiasm for or conviction in the ‘Tees Valley’ brand.

It has produced examples of widely-varying signs—some with a Tees Valley logo and others not, some referring to Teesside and even promoting a ‘Yorkshire Coast’ identity and apparently no reference whatsoever to the Tees Valley on signs on the main routes into Middlesbrough.

Says TeessideTogether Chairman Dave Roberts “It’s fascinating—and at the same time alarming—to just take a look at the complete lack of consistency not just in style and appearance but even names!

“It is hard to imagine any other area of the country seeking to become a major economic force within the Government’s devolution agenda, which does not have a clear ‘brand’

“But regrettably, as the road signs chaos demonstrates, that is the case here, simply because in some quarters there is a determination to ignore the overwhelming message from local people in favour of Teesside and instead plough on with the ‘Tees Valley’ brand which, after almost 20 years and a great deal of time, effort—and money, remains unloved locally and unrecognised elsewhere.

“Our local leaders are to be congratulated for the progress they have made in seeking to benefit from resources, powers and opportunities offered through devolution. Now is the time for them to show leadership on this vital issue of identity and accept that Teesside is the right way forward.”

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