Mayor should be non-political

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December 20, 2015
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Mayor should be non-political


Mayor should be non-political

The Gazette – 29 December 2015

FURTHER to The Gazette letter “Osborne’s thirst for the top job” (Feedback, 10.12.15) from Edward Grainger of Nunthorpe: The reference to four previous letters on the elected mayor and the combined authority for Teesside was fair comment. What many people should be apprehensive about is if the election of an elected mayor throws up a Labour mayor.

Having five Teesside Labour leaders would surely mean an elected mayor would only be a puppet manipulated by the other five Labour leaders? Of course, Chancellor George Osbourne is cleverly passing the buck onto elected mayors as, rightly said, the elected mayor will carry the can for not delivering.

Hence someone who is not from a political party may be the best bet for the people of Teesside, no strings attached, so to speak.


Letter by George Dunning, Ormesby.



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