Teesside Should Have Its Say

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November 16, 2015
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December 15, 2015
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Teesside Should Have Its Say


TFM Radio – 19 November 2015

Teesside Should Have Say On How Region Handles Its Own Power

The chairman of Teesside Together says people here should be given more of a say about how the region handles its own power.

Dave Roberts, who announced earlier in the year that he’ll be running for Teesside Mayor, says the region’s councils have a responsibility to educate the public about the new devolution deal.

The chairman has been out speaking to people in the region and says two out of three people don’t understand the terms Northern Powerhouse or devolution.

It’s as Durham County Council say they’re going to ballot people in their area about devolution, yet the same vote won’t be offered to people in Teesside.

Mr Roberts said: “Whilst support for the basic concept of regional devolution is strong, the lack of understanding of what is actually on offer through the proposals negotiated by Government and the local councils is deeply worrying.

“It cannot be right that two out of every three people in the North know little or  nothing about the Northern Powerhouse and what it involves — and that, whilst in our neighbouring area the local authority believes people have a right to have their voice heard, our councils appear to be denying us that right.

“Implementing a deal which is to last for 30 years on the basis of leaving the public uninformed and uninvolved cannot be right.”


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