About Us


TeessideTogether completely embraces devolution and the 'Northern Powerhouse' agenda. We welcome wholeheartedly the future opportunities and advantages greater cooperation among our local authorities will bring.

During the 2015 Middlesbrough Mayoral Election campaign, independent candidate Dave Roberts and his colleagues became increasingly aware of the reality that, although local and traditional loyalties are important, we will not be able to meet the financial, economic and social challenges our area faces without a strong, united—supported and recognised—‘identity’.

It was that realisation which led to the establishment of TeessideTogether.


TeessideTogether aims to take forward the vision of a united Teesside, recognised nationally and internationally as a strong and ambitious metropolitan conurbation with a major role to play in the move to greater regional devolution—including the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ agenda.

It aims to raise awareness of the need to unite Teesside if it is to earn a rightful place alongside other major conurbations, the benefits this can bring, and the risks, economic and social, if the ‘identity crisis’ which has bedevilled the area for so long is not addressed.

TeessideTogether will seek to work with—and involve—all parties who share our conviction that the only way Teesside can gain the recognition it deserves is through an identity which enjoys strong local support.