Devolution has been imposed

January 5, 2016
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January 27, 2016
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Devolution has been imposed


FEEDBACK – Gazette, Dennis Lane, Coulby Newham

DEVOLUTION, the delegation of power from central to local or regional government, is what the five local Labour-controlled authorities signed up to recently.

In essence a change of governance of the local authorities, the people were not consulted neither were they advised or informed how the changes would effect them. Devolution is to be imposed upon them.

Whether it is good or bad is immaterial, the people have no choice. One mayor for the five authorities will be elected by the electorate of the authorities.

The Labour Party have chosen one person to stand for the whole area. There will be a cabinet of five members including the mayor, all four members of the cabinet must be leaders of the authorities.

At present the leaders of the five authorities are Labour Party members. Is it any wonder the five authorities agreed to devolution? They will have the power to impose their rulings on all five authorities, power without the will of the people. Dictatorship will rule supreme.




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