Theatre saga becoming a farce

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March 23, 2016
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Theatre saga becoming a farce

FEEDBACK, Gazette 29 March 2016


SURELY this needs to be brought to Gazette readers’ attention – especially those living in the Borough of Stockton.

Some time ago, Stockton Borough Council – using tax payer’s cash – spent £20,000 on the curtain to mask the front of The Globe while restoration work was allegedly being carried out. Apart from cost, what was so astonishing about the screen was the fact that it was designed to have a single function and will be of no use elsewhere if, and when, The Globe is restored to its former glory.

The long running saga of the old theatre renaissance has become farce as each false dawn has led to demands for more and more public cash being requested for the scheme – the latest being a colossal £2.1m which would make approximately £3.5m in total.

What makes the whole matter so extraordinary is that the building is privately owned by super rich Stuart Monk (Jomast), but is effectively being bailed out by SBC while vital services are being decimated.

So is it any surprise that many people are now at a loss as to what the hell SBC is playing at? As for The Globe restoration acting as a costly catalyst for Stockton High Street resurrection, surely that particular horse ended up in the knacker’s yard long ago!


Steve Walmsley, Thornaby Independent Association.

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