"Teesside" Posters

Momentum and support for the campaign is clearly growing and one question we have been asked many times since we launched is - 'How can I play my part?'.

As we continue to present the message received by the majority (as several polls have confirmed) that the Tees Valley 'brand' has been rejected out-of-hand and to establish Teesside as the area’s clear identity - the first real way to show your support is to show your pride in our region by,

  1. Placing the word TEESSIDE back into your address.
  2. Download, print and display at home, work or in the car one or both of the posters below.

This way you fly the Teesside flag and send a strong message of support to our region, our people and our politicians and bureaucrats. We've already seen several posters out-and-about - wear yours with pride, we are seeing many starting to!

Simply click on the poster of your choice, this will open a new page from where the poster can be printed.